Sustainable Packaging

Plastic Free


The resistance of a paper, the transparency and shine of a plastic

And also:
–> This film is manufactured from cellulose from plantations managed responsibly.
–> Meets standards international composting industrial, including EN1343.
–> Certificado con el estándar OK Compost Home de compostaje doméstico.

We are constantly growing and in our concern for the environment we offer a range of films compostable, plastic free.


Transparent and heat-sealable cellulose material
Heat sealable paper
Paper with transparent cellulose window

This is our material transparent cellulose, a material transparent, with high resistance and above all plastic free. The perfect packaging for your products. There is no migration of toxins to food since it is a material that comes from nature, does not carry Petroleum derivatives.


It is not a plastic.
It is transparent.
Barrier properties for food protection.
High thermal resistance.
Easily printable.
Natural antistatic properties.


Companies, and people in general, are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining the environment through energy efficiency, optimizing the production process and reducing waste at each stage of the product’s life with the aim of minimize environmental impact. Zoloplast was not going to be less, offering what is known as eco packaging, ecological or recycled packaging of high quality but that is responsible for the environment, with the design of ecological or ecofriendly packaging being a clear trend.

In addition to contributing to the environment, eco-friendly containers and packaging allow us to provide our product with emotional values ​​that seduce certain market segments, values ​​such as ecology, care for the environment, sustainability, etc.

If you are thinking about designing or incorporating ecological packaging into a product, do not hesitate to contact us, our team of professionals will assist you and develop the best eco-friendly packaging for you.

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