biodegradables products

Respect the enviromment

RECyCled materials

packing solutions


 within the reach of each client



We have more than 1,000 products references in our catalogue and the possibility to customize it in terms of image and dimensions according to customer needs.

In addition to having the sanitary registry of our products, we have technical file cards of each of our products where we certify the quality of these.

Bags for textil home products


We manufacture zippered cases that are perfect for containing different products from the textile home sector. Multiple options for the choice of each client. (Quilts, duvets, blankets, sheet sets, etc.)

Knitting gender products bags


Protective fashion textile bags with bio materials that help respect the skin from the packaging. (T-shirts, socks and interior fashion)


Bags for shipping and courier

From zoloplast we are aware that ecommerce purchases are increasingly in demand, that is why we have opted for this new product.

laundry bags

laundry bags



packing shopping

 As a contribution to respect for the environment, from zoloplast we also sell nonwoven bags for purchases


 Si necesitas más información sobre alguno de nuestros productos solo tienes que contactr con nosotros.

If you want to know more about our product or our working method, do not hesitate to contact us or leave us your contact details and we will call you.


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