Laundry bags

Laundry bags, dry cleaning, hotels, etc. At Zoloplast we manufacture them both anonymously and customized according to the needs of each client.

We manufacture special bags for this sector that has very specific needs

One of the types of polyethylene bags specific to this sector is the so-called shoulder bag. They have a hole to let the hook out of the hanger. They are used to cover one or more garments that are hanging on a coat rack. This type of bag can be manufactured with a shape for the shoulders or with a straight cut, and in a pre-cut or loose coil. As a general rule, they have a standard length to cover the different types of garment lengths: pants, jackets, dresses, long coats … Another type of bag widely used in laundries are bags for blankets and quilts. They need a high volume of storage, and thus be able to fully protect the garment that is put inside, reaching the end customer in perfect condition. If we talk about wrapping light weight or smaller quantity clothes, we can use rectangular polyethylene bags. In any type of laundry or dry cleaning bag we can make a personalized impression, giving personality to the garments delivered.

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